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Papers about SCRUB-tcpdump

The following is a list of some of the academic research that has been done and some of the papers which have been produced by the SCRUB-tcpdump team regarding the tool and its uses in laboratory tests of real-world data. You can also find here hints of other work that the team is currently doing on the tool.


Paper 1
"SCRUB-tcpdump: A Multi-Level Packet Anonymizer Demonstrating Privacy/Analysis Tradeoffs," Third IEEE International Workshop on the Value of Security through Collaboration (SECOVAL), Nice France, September 2007.
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Paper 2
William Yurcik, Clay Woolam, Greg Hellings, Latifur Khan, and Bhavani Thuraisingham, "Toward Trusted Sharing of Network Packet Traces Using Anonymization: Single-Field Privacy/Analysis Tradeoffs," ACM Computing Research Repository (CoRR) Technical Report cs.CR/0710.3979v1, October 2007.

Future Papers

The team is currently working on certain questions raised by the above paper and is looking into two new papers based off of this work which we hope to finish soon.

Most of the papers listed above are copyrighted and made available here only for personal use. Please see IEEE and ACM for details about "fair use" and copyright restrictions.